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Memorial of Holocaust

Private half-a-day tour to Treblinka extermination camp

Experience an informative and impressive tour to Treblinka extermination camp. Located in the outback though just 100 kilometers from Warsaw, Treblinka was the most efficient death factory. It was in Treblinka that the Nazi Germans murdered over 870 000 Jews with just a year. The first transport of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto came to Treblinka on July, 1942. Up until than Jews from occupied Poland, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Soviet Union were transported daily to Treblinka and just upon arrival exterminated in specially built gas chambers. In August 1943 an armed uprising broke out. Only about 100 prisoners survived. After the uprising the camp was completely demolished and abandoned by the Germans. After the World War II one of the most impressive memorial sites of the Holocaust was built on the site of the former extermination camp.

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