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The Faces of Warsaw 

Warsaw is a city of great contrasts, a city that lives defiantly and in spite of all else. It is also a city of great change and opportunity with a magnetic attraction. This tour presents the different faces of Warsaw, a city which experienced two world wars, two national uprisings, and 44 years of communism in just one century, and a city which has been building democracy since 1989. You will find out what Warsaw was like, what it is like now and where it’s going. You will see the most spectacular monuments and architectural delights, royal palaces and residencies as well as landmarks of Warsaw.

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The Old Town - like a Phoenix from the ashes

This tour tells a very unique story. The Old Town managed to lift itself from the ashes, after it was leveled to the ground during the WWII. In the postwar time it was rebuilt from scratch and true to the original. In recognition of this outstanding achievement UNESCO inscribed the Old Town on the list of its heritage.

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Chopin's Warsaw

Warsaw’s most famous resident was Frederick Chopin, a great pianist and a world famous composer. Marked with the stamp of disease, a musical genius and romantic, Chopin spent 20 years of his life in Warsaw. He grew up, learnt music, made friends, and gave his first concerts here. He met his first love here and many years later it was here that his heart came to rest. Warsaw houses the largest collection of the composer's memorabilia in the world. The tour on the trail of Chopin is a journey in time which takes you back 200 years to 19th century Warsaw. You will see the places Chopin lived and where he spent his time.

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Jewish Warsaw 

It is impossible to understand Warsaw without looking at the history of Warsaw's Jews. Before WWII, Warsaw Jews made up 30% of Warsaw’s population. Great names that lived here include Literature Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer, the paediatrician and children’s author Janusz Korczak, the founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio Samuel Goldwyn, the famous actress Rachela Kaminska, and the great composer Wladyslaw Szpilman, the main hero of the "The Pianist" by Roman Polanski. After WWII, Jewish Warsaw ceased to exist, but you can still find remnants of the history of two nations, one country - Polin. The tour on the trail of Jewish heritage takes you to places where you can still admire the climate of pre-war multi-cultural Warsaw. You will visit the only synagogue which survived WW II and the Jewish cemetery where famous rabbis, Tzadiks, and Jewish families are buried.

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The Warsaw Ghetto – A chronicle of destruction and resistance 

The topic of this tour is the history of the setting-up and liquidation of the biggest ghetto in Europe. In just three years Jewish Warsaw had ceased to exist. This story took place in the very heart of Warsaw. In 1940, the Nazis set up the ghetto. 400,000 Jews from Warsaw and the surrounding area were herded together in an area of just four square kilometres. 100,000 people died here from exhaustion, hunger, and disease while over 300,000 were sent away to the extermination camp at Treblinka. In 1943, an uprising broke out in the ghetto in response to an attempt to totally liquidate it. In an act of revenge, the Nazis laid waste the area of the ghetto. You will see the streets, houses, and districts which the ghetto covered. You will see real places and hear authentic stories. 

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The multicultural Praga district - authentic and legendary!

This tour shows a different face of Warsaw, the authentic and legendary district Praga. Located on the right bank of the Vistula, just a few minutes from the Old Town, Praga differs significantly from left side of Warsaw. Over the centuries this part of Warsaw was characterized by trade and industry and was a melting pot of cultures, where the Christians, Jews and Orthodox lived side by side. Hardly destroyed during the World War II Praga still preserves much of its old architecture. Since the communist regime had collapsed, Praga is undergoing an intense process of revitalization and became the most trendy quarter with the rich art and underground scene.

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